Wishing Us All a Joyous Eid

As we celebrate Eid El Kabir, I, Prof. Ahmed Osman Hassan Rizig, the Vice Chancellor of Elrazi Medical University, Kano, extend my warmest wishes to all staff and students.

Eid El Kabir, the Festival of Sacrifice, is a time of reflection, gratitude, and unity. It reminds us of the values of sacrifice, compassion, and generosity.

At Elrazi Medical University, we cherish our diverse and united community. Let us use this occasion to strengthen our bonds and celebrate our collective achievements.

As we enjoy the festivities, let us also recommit to our pursuit of excellence in education and healthcare, embodying the values of dedication and perseverance.

On behalf of the administration, I wish you a joyous and blessed Eid El Kabir. May this festival bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to you and your loved ones.

Eid Mubarak!

Prof. Ahmed Osman Hassan Rizig
Vice Chancellor
Elrazi Medical University, Kano