Elrazi Medical University, Kano is a hybrid child of a partnership between Elrazi University (Sudan) and Queen’s Science Academy (Kano, Nigeria), the latter having been established as a girls’ boarding school since 2005 solely to address the perceived gap in girl-child education in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), while Elrazi University, Sudan, was established in the year 2001 in Khartoum, Sudan.

It is worth mentioning that Elrazi University (Sudan) is a member of the Union of Sudanese Universities, a member of Sudanese Association of Deans of Schools of Medicine and Health Sciences, and that it has agreements with the National University of Medical & Technological Sciences and has signed agreements with University of Tanta/Egypt, University of Bath/UK, University of Warwick/UK.

During one of their tours, the promoters of Elrazi University visited Kano through one of the alumni of the University, Dr. Sadiq Abdullahi Ubajalli. While on tour, they visited Express Radio station (owned by Alhaji Ali Baba-Kusa). It was at that visit that the idea was conceived about having another Elrazi University in Kano, Nigeria.

Going deeper into the annals of history, the Promoters of Elrazi University Sudan upon their successful tour in Nigeria called for interested parties to join them in the actualization of a sister university in Kano, this is where Aminu Babakusa showed his interest again in seeing the actualization of the dream which required the sending of delegates through Alnoor Education Limited to discuss with the Sudanese people over three years ago.

One good turn deserves another, and the Sudanese people paid a counter visit to their Nigerian counterpart, this time a consultant was engaged, professionals activated and artisans moved to site, at the end an agreement was made for a partnership and shareholding on the basis of 50:50 for each Party.

Elrazi Medical University, Kano, aspires to surpass the achievements of its founding institutions, Queen’s Science Academy and Elrazi University of Sudan.

Queen’s Science Academy, renowned as one of the premier secondary schools in sub-Saharan Africa, exemplified academic excellence before its closure during the Covid-19 pandemic. Its legacy of rigorous education and high standards serves as a cornerstone for Elrazi Medical University’s commitment to educational quality.

Similarly, Elrazi University of Sudan embodies the ethos of excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship, akin to the world’s finest public research institutions. The university’s dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and academic rigor inspires Elrazi Medical University’s mission to provide unparalleled educational experiences.

At Elrazi Medical University, admission to undergraduate and professional programs is highly competitive, mirroring the selective admissions process of its predecessors. The institution aims to maintain a low transfer-in rate, ensuring that students admitted embody the highest standards of academic achievement and dedication.

With a focus on full-time undergraduate education and a dedication to excellence in teaching, research, and outreach, Elrazi Medical University, Kano, is poised to become a beacon of academic distinction in Nigeria and beyond. Through its commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, the university aims to shape the future of healthcare education and practice, setting new standards for academic achievement and innovation.

Elrazi University Sudan is dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, cultivating leaders in various fields who effect global change. With an enrolment exceeding 13,339-degree candidates, including undergraduate and graduate students, and a network of over 4,127 alumni worldwide, the university upholds a commitment to personal and academic dignity, fostering an environment of respect and accountability among its members. Accredited by esteemed bodies such as the Ministry of Higher Education Sudan, Sudan Medical Council, European & African universities, and WHO, and affiliated with organizations like the Association of Arab Universities, Elrazi University Sudan maintains national, regional, and international connections.

Notably, Elrazi Medical University Kano has made strategic selections to appoint key figures to represent the institution. With meticulous care, Alhaji Aminu Alhassan Dantata, CON, serves as the Chancellor, alongside Emeritus Professor Munzali Jibril as the Pro-Chancellor.

Elrazi Medical University, Kano, transcends its role as an academic institution to become a beacon of hope and progress in Nigeria’s healthcare sector and beyond. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, a seasoned faculty, and a curriculum that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical experience, the university is dedicated to shaping future healthcare professionals who will effect meaningful change.

Building on this foundation, Elrazi Medical University, Kano, received approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) to establish the university on December 21st, 2023. This milestone underscores the institution’s commitment to excellence and its readiness to contribute to the advancement of healthcare education and practice in Nigeria.

With a vision to become a world-class private medical university characterized by professionalism, academic excellence, and the utilization of the latest technology for developing the next generation of healthcare providers, Elrazi Medical University, Kano, has received approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) to establish the university on December 21st, 2023. This milestone underscores the institution’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its readiness to contribute to the advancement of healthcare education and practice in Nigeria.

Elrazi Medical University is guided by a mission to provide an excellent learning environment through cutting-edge research, knowledge transfer, and the training of high-quality medical undergraduates. By fostering a culture of innovation and academic rigor, the university aims to equip its students with the skills, knowledge, and compassion necessary to address the evolving challenges of healthcare in the 21st century.

Campus Location and Address:

Kilometre 10, Maiduguri Road/Wudil, from Hotoro Roundabout, Aminu Babakusa Street, Yargaya District, Dawakin Kudu Local Government, Kano State, Nigeria.